Mrs. Vixen

I live CA. Sold my house 11-1, called Teresa, I had met her on a trip the previous year. Told her I was coming over to Prescott Valley, AZ., to buy a house. She set up a lot houses which I looked at. She was very patient with me. I ended up buying the first house that day. Teresa got me the house at my price. My house in CA closed 1-30-18, and my house AZ closed 1-31-18. All very quick and efficient. Teresa is very good at her job. And very caring person she will do an excellent job for you.

Devon and Melisa

"We meet Theresa by chance while looking at property online, we called in to the Prescott office, and they put us through to Theresa. We were immediately impressed by her efforts to figure out what type of property we would be interested in. She followed through and provided us with properties that were in our price range, and she continued to ask for feedback so she could help identify the things we liked. Once we had a list of potential properties, we made arraignments for a visit. When my wife and I met Theresa in person it was more like a nice day with an old friend, than meeting someone for the first time. It was full day and she had taken the time to preview everything, so she was able to let us know ahead about anything that was of particular interest about the different neighborhoods we would be seeing. We were both very impressed with her preparation, great personality and willingness to work for us! I can say, we highly recommend a call to Theresa if you are interested in property in the Prescott area, she will really work to make sure you find what you are looking for, and you will have a great time doing it!

DiAnna, Prescott Valley, AZ

Theresa was a delight to be around. I will recommend her to everyone.

D. Nelson

Buying a home can be stressful, but Theresa made it enjoyable. And I think that’s why everything went so smoothly. I was truly having a good time looking for my new home.

Dan and Lori Hepler

Theresa is terrific to work with. She is a very kind person with an excellent work ethic. My husband and I went to Prescott over Labor Day weekend to search for property to purchase upon which to build a home when we retire. Theresa spent most of Saturday researching properties for us to view, driving us us to each one, and calling the listing agents when we got lost or had questions . She was very determined to find the properties and get our questions answered. We ended up buying one of the properties she showed us that weekend. We were only in Prescott for Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and, had it not been for Theresa's help and expertise, we would not have found our property. My husband and I were very impressed with the amount of time she was willing to spend with us, how helpful she was, and that she drove us to the properties in her own car. I highly recommend Theresa to anyone searching for a home or property to purchase. She will work hard to help you find whatever you are looking for!


Very dedicated, committed and sensitive to her customers needs. Have never met such a great person before- outstanding!!!

Milt and Carlene, Prescott, AZ

Once we met Theresa deSoto we knew she was the best agent for us. Theresa was friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She was right on top of everything and answered any questions we had quickly. She is the “best” and we would highly recommend her to everyone.

T.R. and Stephanie Negri

Theresa has been awesome to work with! She is very helpful and kind. We recommend her to anyone.

Jackie Fox

She cared and took all the time l needed to find a house. She also made I point to show me around. Thank you T. deSoto

D. (Buyer)

Buying a home can be very stressful, but Theresa made it enjoyable. And I think that's why everything went so smoothly. I was truly having a good time looking for my new home.

Andrew S. Prescott AZ

I was very happy with my home purchase experience. I felt Theresa really wanted to make sure I purchased the perfect home for me. She also looks out for your best interest to ensure you get the best terms possible. It’s was a pleasure to do business with Theresa and I would not hesitate to use her in the future.

Tom, Rancho Mirage, CA

Theresa was excellent, thorough and professional. Theresa was well prepared for our visit and did her homework. A consummate professional.

Janet, Norfolk, VA

Definitely not a “pushy sales person” and that means a lot to me. My sister and I were exploring downtown Prescott and just stopped in the office to check out property values, etc. My sister bought first and was very happy with Theresa. That was a good recommendation for me. I have bought and sold a number of properties during my life and have never met an agent who went so above and beyond what is expected in insuring that the purchase of my new home in Prescott Valley went smoothly and that any question or concern I had was fully covered and taken care of. A great agent and I would be very comfortable about recommending Theresa to anyone looking for a trustworthy real estate professional.

JACKIE, Prescott Valley, AZ.

She cared and took all the time l needed to find a house. She also made I point to show me around. Thank you.

Joseph, Chino Valley

Theresa was very kind and was patient with us and really worked to find a house that my wife and I would love. We recommend her to anybody buying and when we sell in the future will look to use her as well :) Truly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Theresa!

Patrick, Prescott AZ

Theresa was very helpful and understood our needs. Great experience.

Kim, Dewey AZ

Theresa was exceptional! She was kind, patient and understanding of our situation and was instrumental in finding the perfect fit for us. Theresa's diligence and attention to detail provided a smooth transition. I highly recommend Theresa deSoto and BloomTree Realty to all considering the purchase of a home.

Deborah, Prescott AZ

I enjoyed spending time with Theresa. She's professional and thorough. I expect to stay in touch with her as a friend!

Rita & Kevin

Theresa was the main reason we were able to buy our dream home. We were in Prescott long enough to look at the houses and to find one that we really liked. Theresa made the rest come true. We worked with Leann as well during our purchase. Very happy with timely communications, attention to details, can't ask for better service. Theresa was there for us! She was there during our inspection, brought additional contractors for second opinions and for price quotes on some repairs. Theresa was 100% on our side protecting our interest and communicating everything to us. The best experience buying a house! Just amazing!

patsy jo

Theresa is a wonderful realtor to work with! As soon as we contacted her to look into a lot we were interested in purchasing, she was on it. She quickly provided all the information we needed to make an informative decision. Any questions or concerns were addressed quickly and she genuinely put our best interest ahead of her own. Theresa is a skilled negotiator, communicator and networks well with others in the industry. We look forward to working with Theresa infuture endeavors and would recommend her highly to others looking to buy or sell in the tri-city area.

Samantha Opperman - Prescott Valley, AZ

My husband and I are transplants from California and were looking at "dream properties" for many weeks before getting serious about moving to Arizona. While looking at properties, we researched the area as well as real estate agencies and agents. Bloom Tree was rated very high and Theresa had some of the best reviews of any of the other agents listed. Because of this, I contacted Theresa about looking for a house when we came out to the area a couple of weeks later. Theresa responded quickly and was pleasant on the phone. We had no idea at the time, however, how truly knowledgeable, caring, and professional Theresa was. From the moment we got to Arizona, Theresa took care of us. She listened to what we wanted, told us everything we needed to know about the area, new builds, what to look for, and everything. She was sweet and listened to what we were looking for. She always wanted us to love the house and didn't push houses on is to make a sale. Theresa made it very clear that our happiness was the top priority, and really made us feel like the sale was secondary to finding us the right place to raise our family. When we went back to California we had to go through a complicated process to sell our house, and Theresa was right there with us. She checked in on us, kept us updated on the process on her end and never made us feel neglected or forgotten. She really is an amazing agent because she is such a genuine and caring person who wants to do what is best for her clients. In the end we not only got a house that our family absolutely loves, but we have a new friend. Our experience with Theresa was so impactful that we can't imagine our life here without maintaining a relationship with her. She is a real gem and I would recommend her to anyone looking for property in the area. She will take amazing care of you!

Deborah Davis

Theresa was the absolute best realtor we have ever had. She took care of all details of our purchase without ever having to be asked twice. Her professionalism was evident as she always looked out for our best interest no matter how small the details. She was the best realtor to introduce us to Prescott and sell us our beautiful home. She is also a blast to be with. You couldn't have for a better representative.

Dianna Marie

This realtor has excellent listening skills. In spite of her own inconvenience, she never wastes my time directing me to homes that are not within the parameters I have indicated. With sometimes little notice, she consistently makes herself available to coincide with my difficult schedule. Attending an on site home viewing in the Prescott area requires me to invest a 4 hour drive, and I rely heavily on her honesty, expertise, and guidance when selecting prospective homes for my consideration. It has been my experience that the BloomTree agency gives their sellers and buyers 100%, and personally that Theresa de Soto in particular without a doubt has always given me 150. I strongly recommend her as your choice of agent whether she will be representing you as a buyer or a seller, and I am confident that you will soon recognize, as I did, she is a professional with an unsurpassed devotion to representing you (as a 1983 song you may recall stated): "she works hard for the money", … because she sure does!

T.R. and Stephanie

Theresa has been awesome to work with! She is very helpful and kind. We recommend her to anyone.

Betti, Idaho

The entire process was handled remotely. They were very accommodating to our situation and represented our best interest in our absence.

Will R.

Theresa's was dedicated to getting us our dream home and came up with solutions that we could have never thought about on our own!

Robyn W & Susie K

We worked with Theresa to purchase a home in the Prescott area. She is knowledgeable, personable, accommodating and endlessly patient! Theresa worked with us to find something we’d be happy with in our price range. There was no doubt Theresa had our back through the entire process!


What a wonderful experience I’ve had with Theresa deSoto. She will work with you until you find the right house for you. Her expertise will always be on your side for the Best Buy. She is always upbeat and positive. What a wonderful human being.


Theresa is the hardest working agent I have seen. Some friends of mine are looking for a home and Theresa has been there for them every step. Even though they are future buyers that are not ready to close right now, she treats them like they are the most important clients she has.

Tom and Paula, Prescott

We feel very blessed to have been able to work with Theresa. Theresa is a very good communicator and knowledgeable in many areas of her work. She worked diligently on our behalf throughout the entire purchase process; we couldn't be happier!