Monthly Newsletter August 1, 2022

August = Happiness Happens Month!

Welcome to August

August means Monsoon. Did you know, the longest Arizona monsoon is recorded as 99 days in 1984. The shortest Arizona monsoon on record is 27 days in 1962. The most rain generated from an Arizona monsoon was 9.38 inches in 1984. The driest monsoon in Arizona was .35 inches in 1924. Even though the monsoon is here there will still be some dry opportunities to enjoy Everybody’s Hometown. Come to downtown and enjoy our local shops, eateries, and the friendly atmosphere. You can check out my Community Connection at for the scoop on where to go and what to do in and around Prescott. And remember to call on The deSoto Team for you or your friends and family to find the perfect dream home, sell your current home, or both! We are your friendly hometown realtors, and we are here for all your real estate needs. We are The deSoto team….and we are making dreams come true, one home at a time!!!

“August rain: the best of the summer gone,

and the new fall not yet born.

The odd uneven time.”

― Sylvia Plath

August 2022 Moon Phases

5th- First Qtr.: 7:07 am EDT

11th- Full Moon: 9:36 pm EDT

19th- Last Qtr.: 12:36 am EDT

27th- New Moon: 4:16 am EDT

The Full Moon on the 11th is called “Sturgeon Moon” by Native Americans of New England and the Great Lakes because at this time of the year, this important food was plentiful.

The Perseids Meteor Shower that goes from July 17 to August 25 will peak on August 13.

The Month of August is . . .

Happiness Happens Month

Family Meal Month

National Crayon Collection Month

National Inventors Month

Family Fun Month


Happiness Happens Week

7th -13th
National Button Week

14th -20th
Weird Contest Week

25th -31st
Be Kind to Humankind Week


5th- National Water Balloon Day

8th- Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night

13th- International Lefthander’s Day

26th- National Toilet Paper Day
(This is when it was first sold on a roll by Scott in 1871.)

27th-Just Because Day

30th- National Toasted Marshmallow Day


1st- Colorado was admitted to the Union, 1876 (38th)

5th- The first federal income tax was levied, 1861

7th- George Washington created the “Purple Heart,” decoration medal, 1782

12th- The first public police force was formed in New Amsterdam. It consisted of ten watchmen who were paid 24 stuyvers (about fifty cents) per night. Their salaries were collected from the townspeople each month, 1658.

13th- The coin operated telephone was patented, 1889

16th- “Sports Illustrated” was first published, 1954

18th- The Copyright Law was created by Congress, 1856.

21st– Hawaii was admitted to the Union, 1959 (50th)

22nd– The record player was patented, 1906

28th- The last day of the Roman Empire, 476

Andy’s Actually Factual Facts:

  • Turkey vultures use defensive vomit to get rid of any disturbing animal. They can propel their vomit up to 10 feet.
  • “Strategic incompetence” is the art of avoiding certain tasks by pretending you don’t know how to do them.
  • Kiss means “pee” in Swedish.
  • The Earth is the only planet in our solar system not named after either a Greek or Roman God.
  • In Texas, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, it is legal to kill Bigfoot if you find it. It would be considered a non-protected nongame animal.
  • There are computers designed for Amish people, with selling points like “No internet, no video, no music”.
  • The average inmate at Alcatraz reads 75-100 books per year.
  • The patterns on a giraffe are totally unique – no two giraffes are ever the same.
  • “Finger Lickin’ Good” had a bit of a mishap when translated to Chinese for their first KFC outlets in the country, the famous phrase became “eat your fingers off”.
  • The very first bottle of Dr Pepper was sold in America on January 12, 1885.

*They must be factual, I read em on the Internet!!!