Monthly Newsletter June 1, 2019

Lovin’ Summer in Prescott!

Blessings To You!

Here we are in June. Can you believe we are almost half way through 2019!!? Summer is here and the weather is beautiful. June means many things for many people. While high school graduations are wrapping up, many of us have kids that are moving out and it may be time to downsize. Maybe it is time to list your house and buy a smaller one? June is a big wedding month and there are always a lot of weddings happening in June. Congratulations to all the newly married couples out there. Are you first time home buyers? Maybe a house for a wedding present? What about Father’s Day? Do you need a house with a man cave? Do you notice a theme here? What I can say? I am always thinking about people with dreams and how I can help them achieve them! I am making dreams come true…..One home at a time!

And with the weather so nice and all the folks escaping the Valley heat, our town is the perfect getaway place. Check out my Community Connection link at for information on what’s happening in the local community. The courthouse square is hopping again with activities and I love downtown Prescott during the summer months. There is always something going on. So make sure you enjoy our beautiful downtown. Enjoy shopping at our local merchants and eating at our many fabulous restaurants, and if you decide you might like to live here full time…… Who ya gonna call? No not Ghostbusters, call me your “friendly home town realtor” and I can help with all your real estate needs, whether buying your new home, selling your current home…..Or both!


June by any other name…

Spanish: En junio
Italian: Giugno
French: Juin
German: Juni
Polish: Czerwiec
Latin: Junius

Oh what is more sweet than the month of June
When our senses thrill and our hearts keep tune
To the song of the birds and the rose in bloom?

-Lottie Brown Allen

June Is …

> Fight the Filthy Fly Month
> Iced Tea Month
> Adopt A Cat Month
> Great Outdoors Month

Important Days in History ….

4th China becomes the first to record a solar eclipse. (780 BC)
6th The first drive-in theater opened in Camden, New Jersey. (1933)
17th The Statute of Liberty arrives in New York City. (1885)
22nd Doughnuts are created. (1847)
27th The song “Happy Birthday to You” was first sung. (1859)

Celebrate These Fun June Days!!

5th – Hot Air Balloon Day

7th – VCR Day (remember those?)

8th – Best Friends Day

11th – National Corn on the Cob Day

18th – National Splurge Day – Oh yeah!!

21st – Take Your Dog to Work Day

** Theresa’s Tid Bits and Trivia **

  • It’s been said that nearly 3% of the ice in Antarctic glaciers is penguin urine.
  • The average person will spend 4 years of their life on the toilet! Better stock up on TP!
  • The word “PEZ” (candy) comes from the German word for peppermint – PfeffErminZ.
  • The hashtag symbol is technically called an octothorpe.
  • China owns nearly all of the pandas in the world, even the ones you see at zoos. They rent them out for about $1 million a year.
  • Babe Ruth kept a cabbage leaf under his cap to keep cool.
  • There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar!
  • Over 10,000 birds a year die from smashing into windows!
  • Bubble Wrap was originally intended to be used as 3D wallpaper.
  • A group of flamingos is called a “flamboyance”.

Making dreams come true….
one home at a time

Theresa deSoto

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