Monthly Newsletter April 1, 2019

No Foolin’ – We LOVE Prescott!

Spring is in the air and Prescott is blooming with opportunities to enjoy Everyone’s home town…..and there is no fooling about that! The weather is gorgeous and town is buzzing with activities. From Dancing for the Stars at the Historic Elks Theater and Performing Arts Center to Breakfast with the Animals at Heritage Park Zoo. Easter is Sunday April 21. Happy Easter to everyone! Prescott is celebrating the Easter holiday with many festive Easter events and EGGstravaganza around Prescott and Prescott Valley. There are so many great opportunities for entertainment and there is something for everyone. If you are just visiting or you live local make sure to get out and enjoy all the festivities. To find out what is happening in the local community be sure to visit for a community connection. And remember I can help with all your real estate needs, whether buying your new home, selling your current home …..Or both!


“The first of April, some do say,
Is set apart for All Fools’ Day.
But why the people call it so,
Nor I, nor they themselves do know.
But on this day are people sent
On purpose for pure merriment.”
– Poor Robin’s Almanac, 1790

50 years ago:

A loaf of bread cost $.23

Gallon milk cost $1.10

Movie Ticket $1.42

A dozen eggs cost $.62

A pound of sugar cost $.12

Postage stamp (per ounce) $.06

A new car cost approximately $2,000

A gallon of gasoline cost $.32

A new house cost approximately $40,000

Minimum wage $1.60 per hour

Average annual income (per person) $6,500

Population of the United States 202,677,000


Celebrate These Important Days in April….

1st International Fun at Work Day
4th Walk around Things Day
12th Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
14th Look up at the Sky Day – don’t you have anything better to do?
18th National High Five Day
22nd National Jelly Bean Day
26th National Pretzel Day

I LOVE history — look at what happened in April over the years!

April 2, 1792
Congress passes the Coinage Act and the U.S. Mint is born

April 6, 1896
The first modern Olympic games opens in Athens, Greece

April 9, 1865
Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, ending the Civil War

April 10, 1912
The “unsinkable” RMS Titanic departs on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England

April 15, 1912
The Titanic hits an iceberg in the Northern Atlantic Ocean and sinks

April 19, 1775
The Revolutionary War begins

** Theresa’s Tid Bits and Trivia **

  • Half of all humans who have ever lived died from malaria.
  • Penguins will give their mate a pebble as a way of proposing.
  • The average human dream lasts only 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Your fingernails grow almost four times as fast as your toenails.
  • The longest recorded flight of a chicken is thirteen seconds
  • A Jiffy is an actual unit of time. 1 Jiffy = 1/100 of a second.
  • It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
  • Did you know that there is a world record for seeing how many times you can attempt a world record?!!
  • Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, was actually afraid of the dark.
  • A sneeze travels at over 100 miles per hour.

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