Monthly Newsletter February 1, 2019

Hello February – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello February!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Although Valentine’s Day is not actually a public holiday, it is one of the most romantic days of the year. There are several stories about who Saint Valentine was but whatever the true story may be, love is a global phenomenon and Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world in various ways. Valentines celebrations will transpire not only throughout the United States but also in other parts of the world on February 14th. The feast of St. Valentine in history is the celebration of love and affection. In the United States about 190 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, not including the hundreds of millions of cards school children exchange.

Valentine’s Day is a major source of economic activity, with total expenditures in 2017 topping $18.2 billion in 2017, or over $136 per person. This is an increase from $108 per person in 2010.

What a wonderful opportunity to support our local hometown businesses. Prescott is thriving with local gift shops and restaurants that have a wonderful variety of unique gifts and cuisine. To see what is happening around town go to for a community connection.

And this Valentines Day what says love better than a new home?!! If you are thinking about buying or selling a home be sure to stop by the BloomTree office and ask for Theresa deSoto. I can help with all of your real estate needs whether selling your current home or buying a new home……Or both! I can help with all of your real estate needs. Remember I am your hometown Realtor.


cold winds,
biting chills, and
white snow fluffed hills
Valentine’s day, oh how gay!
Presidents ‘Day is coming our way.
February, sweet and small, greatest month of all.”

Eric Lies
28 Word Poem for February


Did You Know February Is ….

Snack Food Month

Pet Dental Health Month

In case you need a reason to celebrate, here are some days in February that give you a reason to smile!

2nd National Tater Tot Day

7th Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor’s Day

9th National Toothache Day

18th Cow Milked While Flying In An Airplane Day (What?!?)

20th National Love Your Pet Day (isn’t that every day?)


On This Day …

2nd – Sears, Roebuck Opens Its First Store. (1925)
5th – Barbie Doll Invented By Ruth Handler (1959)
8th – The first envelope folding and gumming machine patent (#598,716) was issued to John Ames Sherman of Worcester, Mass. (1898)
11th – The first hospital in the United States, Pennsylvania Hospital, opened. (1752)
12th – The first Trans-Atlantic passenger jetliner service (1958)
16th – First 911 emergency telephone system in Haleyville, Ala (1968)
22nd – 1st Woolworth 5 Cents Store Opened (1879)


** Theresa’s Tid Bits and Trivia **

Arizona was admitted to the Union as the 48th state of the United States on Valentine’s Day, 1912.
The dates 4/4, 6/6, 8/8, 10/10, and 12/12 all fall on the same day of the week during any one year.
Technically speaking, a female dude is a “dudine.”
If a man never cut his beard, by the time he dies it would be 30 feet long.
Of all the people in history that have reached 65 years of age, half of them are living right now.
If you keep going North, you will eventually go South. If you keep going East, you will never go West.
There are more atoms in a single glass of water, than glasses of water in all the oceans of the Earth.
Giraffes and humans have the same number of neck bones.
Russia is bigger than Pluto.


Enjoy The Arts in Prescott

Elks Theater January Events

Turn The Page
Tribute To Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Feburary 1, 2019
7 p.m.

Class of ’69
February 2, 2019
7 p.m.

February 8, 2019
7 p.m.

February 17, 2019
3 p.m.

Yavapai College Performing Arts January Events

Bria Skonberg
February 8, 2019
7:30 PM

Murphy’s Celtic Legacy
February 15, 2019
7:30 PM

The King’s Singers
February 21, 2019
7:00 PM

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